Tired of forgetting your pin code, the code to your safe, or your niece's birthday? 

Your brain has a fantastic ability to remember pictures (rather than numbers). By converting your numbers and codes into pictures, Mappia Codes creates ready-made memory rules. Picture based methods are used by memory champions, now you too can have a champion memory. 

Mappia Codes contains a complete picture alphabet for the numbers 0 to 99. You will no longer need to write your codes down, you will never forget another anniversary and you will have no trouble learning all your kids' social security numbers by heart. 

Oh, one more thing - it is fun!


When using Mappia Codes you can choose whether to log in or not. 

If you choose not to log in, your data is deleted immediately after use. 

If you choose to log in, your data is encrypted and stored locally on your device only. Neither your data nor your password is stored on any other device than your own. This means that it is not possible to reset your password if you forget it. It is always possible, however, to delete your user (even if you are not logged in). When you delete your user, all your data is also deleted.

You should avoid leaving your device unattended when logged in. After 3 minutes of inactivity, you will automatically be logged out. 

Mappia Codes does not send any data to other devices or servers. Mappia AB does not have any access to your data.

Mappia AB assumes no liability for potential loss or damage as a result of using Mappia Codes.